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  • External Turning Tools

    HCNC External Turning Tool use uniquely designed clamp,convenient secure clamping system,making the force evenly distributed.Firm clamping and high locating accuracy enables the improvement of machining accuracy and the resistence to breakage of insert.
    More About External Turning Tool

    About HCNC

        Ningbo Hanchen Numerical Control Cutting Tool Manufacturing Co.Ltd (HCNC) is capable of producing and selling turing and milling tools of a vaiety.
        HCNC is assemblaged of almost a hundred employees from R&D department、production department、quality-control department、sales department etc.,dedicating to provide products of outstanding quality and intimate service. With advanced equipments such as five-axis machining center、groups of processing center and CNC lathe、high-acuity inspection facilities,we are capable of offering both standard and customized products of cutting tools ......
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